In June 16th 2013, Tyler Hill tragically passed away at his home in San Diego.

Tyler Hill was an inspiration to all who met him, which made his passing all the more difficult to those he left behind. In light of this tragedy, the Tyler Hill Scholarship was created. It is awarded to those who share Tyler's unrelenting devotion to the sciences.

The Scholarship is sustained from a reserves account that is funded from the fundraisers and benefit events we hold. Generous donations further supplements the scholarship's longevity. 

The scholarship is awarded annually in Fall. Applications are open to all incoming first years attending the University of California, Davis. We are currently working with the University to have the Tyler Hill Scholarship officially recognized under California law.


  1. Kyle Hossli - 2014
  2. Gabe Simmons - 2015

Many people will surely miss Tyler, especially us and his loving family. It is very hard to say goodbye.. But, the pages of his book will not be closed. 

I have no doubt that this scholarship will reflect Tyler’s ideals. He was a great brother, an amazing friend, and a selfless mentor. In both life and death, Tyler's legacy will be a comfort and strength for those in need.

- Riz Onies & Alexander Anvari
Founders, Tyler Hill Scholarship 



"just remembering my short lived video-taking phase where you ruined every clip by asking if i was recording, haha

these cheered me up. i can't believe it has been a year. i miss you so much buddy, hope paradise is treating you well♥"

Breanna Boylan