Officers and Chairmen 

We run things a little differently here at the Sigma-Chi chapter. Creating better men for a better world starts with us cultivating important traits like leadership. We achieve this by the distribution of responsibility throughout the Fraternity. We begin with our Executive Council which leads the fraternity in the public eye. They maintain balance in the organization and lead the fraternity during times of change.


Behind the scenes, our mission driven Chairmen and Boards form free forming entities, responsible for creating their own independent objectives. They are overseen and advised by their respective Officer. This effectively fosters an environment that promotes collaboration without hindering creativity

Potential candidates for leadership positions are chosen either through vote or an application process. Their term lasts for one full Academic year.


President- Alexander Anvari

Vice-presidentRuben Jimenez

Treasurer- Sawyer Clemence

Historian- Stephen Fan

Educator- Moses Karagoyzian

Chaplain- Esteban Aleman

Sergeant-at-Arms- Dominique True

Secretary- Brayden Dutrow


Rush Chair- TBD

Credit Manager- TBD

Internal Social Chair- TBD

House Manager- TBD

Brotherhood Chair- TBD

Community Service Chair- TBD

Publicity Chair- TBD

Fundraising Chair- TBD

TKE Sweetheart Chair- TBD

External Social Chair- TBD

Events Coordinator- TBD

Social Media Chair- TBD

Internal Publicity Chair- TBD

Athletics Chair- John Hunnala Mugonam