Knights of Classic Lore

The Knights of Classic Lore (KCL) is an achievement that is awarded to leaders of the chapter who have gone above and beyond throughout the course of their time with us. They have represented and promoted the ideals of TKE both within the fraternity and throughout the Davis community.


We recognize the following as such leaders

Alex Sherman

#256 - Beta Alpha

Matt Chernin

#245 - Beta Alpha

Alex Chiocchi

#271 - Beta Delta

tom heflin

#206 - Alpha Epsilon

hao sun

#184 - Alpha Iota

sean finson

#185 - Alpha Iota

ben bloom

#196 - Alpha Mu

colin contino

#157 - Psi

andrew lau

#172 - Alpha Epsilon

greg hahn

#150 - Chi

matt sheeline

#130 - Nu

craig willems

#78 - Zeta